About J Torah

J Torah, born Travis Johnson, hails from Stuttgart, Germany. At a young age his family introduced him to music. Inspired by an empowering, expressive rap song written by his cousin; J Torah originally learned to verbally express his thoughts through secular rap music. He spent years cultivating his own style of hard-core rap and was well-excepted by his past community in Augusta, GA. Previously known by the stage name Young Smokesta (SMK) at the time; he created a reputation to be one of the most highly sought-after MC’s in the city performing at local night clubs and frequently interviewing with local radio stations. His first album  titled "Thoughts Of A Thug Angel" was released in 2005 and is still very popular overseas and is still in demand in European countries. Since then he has experienced countless life-altering situations where It seemed like a permanent cloud of destruction followed him for years and the enemy worked overtime to make sure the storms prevailed in his life. But where many would fold, J Torah showed his poker face and kept walking on the path that God set for him in spite of the constant storms. 

From failures, frustrations, & almost being a fatality - more than once, J Torah knew he had a calling on his life that was greater than anything he could comprehend. Through strong faith and perseverance he over came battles, and dedicated his life back to Christ; and hence "J Torah" was born. When the "World" often counted him out, J Torah continues to rise above adversaries with the strength of God, his family, & loving wife. The road to the promise land shaped him into the man he is today and he is now "A Walking Testimony". J Torah is now an Atlanta native, and his music is steadily catching attention from some of the hottest platforms in the industry. He’s opened up for Christian/ Gospel artists such as Canton Jones, Casey J, Aaron Cole, Ty Brasel, Damion Murrill & Siloam and many others.